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optimizer neural network,Ravencoin (RVN) Has Successfully Hardforked and Switched to KAWPOW

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Ravencoin (RVN) has officially hardforked and has switched the PoW mining algorithm from X16Rv2 to KAWPOW. If you are running a local Ravencoin wallet you need to make sure that you have the latest Ravencoin v4.1.0 release installed. Most mining pools and services supporting RVN have already updated and support the fork, though as usual you should be careful moving coins for a while after the fork just to be on the safe side.

The Mining Rig Rentals service for leasing and renting mining rigs has recently added support for KAWPOW rigs, and so just did the NiceHash hashrate selling/buying service right in time for the fork. It will be interesting to see what will happen and if NiceHash could end up being more profitable than directly mining for Ravencoin with the user attention that the fork is generating already. And although the fork should drive away ASIC miners from the Ravencoin network the NiceHaash support could bring a lot of mining hashrate from GPU users that are not interested in RVN itself, but are in it just for the sake of better profit. AMD GPU miners can mine RVN with the new KAWPOW algorithm only using NBMiner for now at least. Nvidia GPU miners have much more choice for mining software such as kawpowminer, TT-Miner, GMiner, T-Rex, Z-enemy and Bminer. The latest kawpowminer and TT-Miner do not have dev fees, others do have 1% or 2% fee, so while performance is very similar with all of them the difference in terms of development fee can influence the decision you make.

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